Knight Rider GPS Now For Sale at Radioshack

Paul Lilly

No matter what we may have thought as children, along with growing up comes the sad realization that we'll probably never own a full on replica of the customized Pontiac Trans-Am David Hasselhoff cruised the television airwaves with all through the mid-80s as Michael Knight. But don't despair, because you don't need a near three-decade old sports car to get your geek on as a modern day Knight Rider.

Radioshack on Friday announced it has secured exclusive rights to the Mio Knight Rider GPS. The $270 device comes with a 4.3-inch antiglare touchscreen LCD complete with voice synthesized lights adorning the left and right-hand sides that move in sync with actor William Daniels' (KITT) guidance. And best of all, you can choose from over 150 male and female names, including Michael if you want to get in full character.

Anyone else spellbound by this? How about by this ?

Image Credit: Radioshack

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