Klipsch Ventures into Gaming Headset Territory with KG-200 and KG-300 Wireless



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I too had the first set of Klipsch promedia 5.1's that after a while had the Amp problem 2 different times. I'm hazy on the details at this point in time, one of the times they replaced my whole system for free with the 5.1 Ultra line, and the other time it was a $60 repair cost. Anyway, I haven't had any issues with them since for 8 or 9 years now, and made blasting music during college a great experience and gave sound to many a party. I tolerated the 2 incidents because of the amazing sound quality combined with sound blaster's audigy 2 at first in the early few years of having the speakers and then later on x-fi hardware and software (crystalizer was amazing with the tweeters) and FLAC audio files. I haven't heard anything sound as good as these speakers yet.



I skipped the Klipsch craze. I never liked the way there speakers looked. The way speakers look is almost as important as the way they sound to me. To me at least, they looked like something out of Star-Trek. I have bought two sets of speakers for my PC. My first set was a Boston Acoustics BA4800 4.1 bought in 2001 that I used perfectly until 2010. I then went on the hunt and finally decided to go BOSE 2.1's. I love the way the speakers look and they sound really nice for gaming and movies! Also nothing beats the sound puck Bose has.

Seems the Star-Trek trend is the same for these Klipsch headphones. They look silly at best!



You obviously have never listened to the Klipsch Forte II's. Bose sounds like garbage compared to those. I know because we have the Bose 2.1's and a pair of Klipsch forte's. The Bose speakers sound very bland and undefined. They lack musical dynamics too. Also, unless you were looking at the La Scalla or the Klipschorn, all of their speakers with the grill attached look exactly like any other tower speaker. I don't know anything about their headphones but to say those absurd things about their loudspeakers is crazy. I wonder why audiophiles don't use Bose but tend to gravitate towards speakers like Klipsch horns....



Ever wonder why they no longer make PC speakers? Too many returns! Yea they might sound good but do not last...



Do either of these actually support anything more than stereo/mike? The SphereSpace Surround and Dolby Digital Decoding doesn't actually translate to 5.1 and there's no mention of 5.1 on any of the spec sheets. They do look comfy but I need something to replace my aging Medusa's with their own external 5.1 amp



My S4i (II) In-Ear Headphones' left driver went dead after a month's usage. And No, I didn't apply for the online warranty. I don't think I will risk buying Klipsch.


Led Weappelin

I had the Klipsch ProMedia 5.1's. 3 sets to be exact. Had the same problem as everyone else. Something in the amp that caused them to just die for no apparent reason. First 2 sets were replaced under warranty. Third set failed after the warranty. It was such a liberating feeling to unhook them and take them straight to my dumpster. After doing some searching I found that the ProMedia 2.1's were glitch free. Bought a set and have been happy with them for the last 9 years. No problems.



Ahh fond memories... Klipsch ProMedia 5.1, stopped working inside of 5 hours, after gaming on low volumes. Returned, then went with Logitech Z680's, ahh yes, worked perfectly for many years to come. :)

I wonder how this headset would fair against any of Sennheiser's gaming headsets.



Ahh yes, the ProMedia's. I was one of the early adopters, had the 4-speaker system. I bought them after reading Maximum PC's stellar, kick-ass rated review.

Everything sounded great until the volume knob started making crackling noises. A quick search on the internet showed this was a common issue. Klipsch sent out a "new and improved" control pod. A week later, same crackling noises.

I will never buy another Klipsch product. Their PC sound products are low quality. Judging by their new laughable headsets, it looks like their keeping with that tradition. "Combat" mode? Really Klipsch? You must think gamers are dumb animals who want bass bass bass.



"You must think gamers are dumb animals who want bass bass bass."

Uh, that's exactly it. Most gamers buy gamer oriented stuff because they think it gets them more of an edge when in reality most of it is snake oil. At least this time, an actual audio engineering company is making headsets rather than a peripheral company.

The only thing "gamer oriented" I still buy are mechanical keyboards, if only because they dominate that sector and the non-gamer oriented ones cost just as much and some lack features that I want.