Klipsch Ventures into Gaming Headphone Territory

Paul Lilly

Klipsch is one of those names that takes us back to a different era, to a time when home audio on the PC was all the rage. Companies like Creative freed us from the shackles of crappy onboard audio, while Klipsch played a big role in bringing true multimedia speakers to the desktop. Klipsch's ProMedia speaker line duked it out with Logitech for both 2.1 and 5.1 supremacy, and then in the blink of an eye, Klipsch declared its work was done and pretty much stopped making speakers for the PC. Well, Klipsch is back, but this time the company is touting its first ever pair of gaming headphones.

Klipsch promises premium sound from its new ProMedia In-Ear headphones, which was designed to "keep gamers fully immersed in their cyber worlds by employing a powerful custom transducer in each ear piece, using an 8.5mm driver and moving coil technology with a dual magnet motor structure." The result, says Klipsch, is "dynamic, full-bodied sound that is similar to more expensive balanced armature designs."

Sensitivity is rated at 110dB, nominal impedance at 18 ohms, and the frequency response at 10Hz - 19kHz. The ProMedia In-Ear headphones also sport tangle resistant cables and ship in black or red accents.

The ProMedia In-Ear headphones are available now direct from Klipsch for $60.

Image Credit: Klipsch

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