Klipsch Ventures into Gaming Headset Territory with KG-200 and KG-300 Wireless

Paul Lilly

Klipsch's first foray into gaming headsets

We were bummed when Klipsch stopped making new speaker lines for PCs. To this day, we're fans of the ProMedia 2.1 and 5.1 Ultra speaker sets, both of which deliver crisp audio and hard hitting bass. Maybe one day Klipsch will re-enter the PC speaker market, but in the meantime, the company will try its hand at gaming headsets starting with the launch of the KG-200 and KG-300 Wireless .

"Following the success of our bestselling ProMedia 2.1 multimedia speakers, we have undoubtedly gained the necessary expertise to bring new products to the gaming market," said Chris Aiello , headphone product manager for Klipsch. "For years the focus has been on the evolution of gaming graphics, but developers and studios are now emphasizing a quality audio experience. With decades of industry-leading audio developments, our new headsets will be the quintessential audio accessory that best brings the gaming experience to life."

The KG-200 is a wired headset with "athletic mesh" earpads for long-term comfort and breath-ability without sacrificing noise isolation. Inside are 40mm precision-tuned drivers. Ear mounted controls give gamers access to four selectable EQ presets:

  • Fidelity: Clear, balanced sound for any situation
  • Combat: Optimized bass enhances explosions, gunshots, and vocals
  • Stealth: Clean highs and clear mids enhance very detail around you
  • Sport: Bass and mids tuned to enhance big hits and clutch plays

There's also a digital amplifier and precision-flex boom mic that's adjustable and detachable. The KG-200 will be available next month for $130 MSRP.

The KG-300 Wireless is a similar looking headset with mostly the same specifications in wireless form. It uses three AAA batteries and adds Dolby Digital Decoding and proprietary Klipsch SphereSpace Surround technology to the mix. Look for it to ship next month as well, for $200 MSRP.

Klipsch says both headsets are designed for use with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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