Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1


When Klipsch first released the GMX series of speakers, they were strictly digital and thus offered little value to PC users (nForce users notwithstanding). These speakers lack of analog inputs made us very angry, and we lashed out at Klipsch by awarding the GMX D-5.1 a lowly verdict of 6. After reading our review, we’d like to believe Klipsch’s CEO bellowed to his staff, “Correct this travesty at once!” and the analog GMX speakers were created. And we’re happy they were, because these speakers have now become the benchmark for 2.1 excellence.

The primary difference between the A-2.1 and the previous non-GMX model is an all-new two-way satellite design that pivots on a ball, so you can adjust them to face up, down, left or right. The subwoofer is also an all-new design with a rear-facing port that runs the entire width of the enclosure, and has been seen previously in both the SWS Subwoofer and the ProMedia Ultra 5.1 Controls are accessed via a large, disc-shaped pod. We’re not fans of the pod for two reasons: it takes up a lot of space and the headphone jack is located on the rear, making it difficult to access.

In testing, the one thing that stuck out about these speakers is how big the sound is considering it’s a 2.1 system. When cranking them up you feel as if you need to take a few steps back to really appreciate the quality and quantity of rich, luscious audio washing over you. Sound is projected extremely well, making for a sweet spot the size of Montana (they called during testing actually, told us to turn it down). The subwoofer peters out a bit at maximum volume, but sounds deep without being boomy at rational listening levels.

Klipsch has won our hearts again with the A-2.1. We’re not too happy about the control pod, but they sound so good it almost doesn’t matter. --Josh Norem

+ meowers: Fantastic fidelity, amazing power

- woofers: Control pod is too big, hard to plug in headphones

Month Reviewed: October 2004
Verdict: 9
URL: www.klipsch.com

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