Kingston Introduces New UHS-I U3 SDXC Cards



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I wish my phone could fully utilize the "Class 10" speed of my "Class 10" card.

Too much news of SD card improvements will leave me depressed as it seems that Google is removing the SD card slots from its devices, which is where I'd imagine that I would get the most use out of them.



According to a user over on Tom's Hardware, where they also reported about this:

"This is nice and all but Kingston (and most other companies) are behind the times. UHS-II cards are already here, like the Toshiba Exceria Pro SDXC cards.
Read speeds: 260 MB/s
Write speeds: 240 MB/s
Not a typo, those are BYTES per second, not BITS per second. They're insanely fast. But they currently cost an arm and a leg at about $185 for a 16GB card and just about double that for a 32GB card, and currently they can only be bought directly from Japan off ebay, but the point is you can still own one RIGHT NOW if cost is no issue.
Incidentally you can also get rewritable triple-layer (100GB) BD-RE XL discs off ebay (also from Japan) at similarly exorbitant prices, but again, they ARE available."



This is good news! speed increases for cameras and such, but most importantly for the raspberry pi/beagleboard etc users. who needs an ssd anymore with an sd card of all things that can read/write that fast