Kingston Adds 960GB Capacity Option to SSDNow Series



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I rather have a new 880 GTX =) Just deleted or moved a bunch of games to HDD that really don't need to be on my two 250 GIG SSDs. Only have BF4 Planetside 2 Rift LFD 2 and Duke Nukem on the SSDs.

As much as SSDs offer fast loading times the only game that I really seen benefit from it was Planetside 2 loading screens everything else loads pretty quick. Rift loads alot faster for Dungeons but haven't really touched that game in the past 9 months =)



I love having an SSD in my gaming system, but I agree that the only time I really noticed the extra load speed is in MMOs.



well seeing as Samsung has a 1TB SSD going for around $500 on Newegg right now, this is a waste of money



Drop the price to around $550 or less and then talk to me about your nearly 1TB SSD. Until theen, no one is going to touch this.



I want what Kingston is smoking!

You can get a Samsung Evo 1tb and a Crucial M550/500 1tb SSD and both can be had for about or under 450$ with superior performance and better customer service!

This must be a joke....



Funny you should mention the Samsung Evo 1 terabyte drive, as I just got one last week from New Egg for $469.99 and installed it in my gaming computer, now I have no more mechanical hard drives in it and two (also have an Corsair Force GS 240 GB SSD boot and basic program drive) SSD's and one fast loading computer. Oh and I might add Kingstoned can can put their overpriced SSD's where the sun don't shine.



Bad comparison. The samsung evo drive is TLC (triple level celling), which should be 2/3 of the cost to manufacture vs MLC (multi level celling)SSD.

I do agree that the prices are inflated at the moment because these manufacturers are trying to get their R&D costs back for the technology.


The Mac

Irrelevant as the EVO is still faster.

You cannot charge 2x for something that is slower and expect people to buy it.

Also it doesn't state that its MLC, however i would assume that it is since the Phishon controller only supplorts SLC and MLC.



Since the controller fiasco I won't be bothering with any SSD from Kingston for a long while.


Bullwinkle J Moose

"the best price to performance ratio as possible to enable consumers on a budget or entry-level users to experience the benefits of SSD technology"
If they sold micro SSD boot drives for $10 - $20 a pop, I wouldn't mind taking a gamble to see if the controllers were fixed yet

I really don't mind booting to a measly 32GB card if it reads and writes at 500MB/sec and I only lose $20 on a complete failure

What are they thinking?

Put your best controller on a thumbdrive and call me for the torture test

If I can't break it, I'll take a dozen right now...


Led Weappelin

That price can't be correct. No way.



For $910 you could buy 2 x Samsung 840 EVO 1TB, which are superior SSDs. Could be a marketing ploy though, retail price of 910 then retailers can mark them down to half of that.


The Mac

way overpriced since the Sammy EVO 1tb is around $550

I see absolutely no reason why anyone would buy this.



Kingston is on drugs. There are other choices out there in SSD land that cost significantly less for the same/higher capacity.