Kingston Trumpets World's Fastest Intel-Certified Tri-Channel DDR3 Kit

Paul Lilly

Pay close attention to this one. According to Kingston, the memory maker's newly announced HyperX DDR3-2333 kit is the fastest DDR3 triple-channel, Intel certified memory product in the known universe, and technically, that's correct. Sure, there are faster kits -- both G.Skill and Patriot sell DDR3 sticks rated at 2400MHz, and Patriot even sells a DDR3-2500 memory product -- but these are all dual-channel (meaning they're sold in packs of two, not three), and presumably not Intel certified.

So yes, Kingston's tri-channel DDR3-2333 kit is the fastest as described, and it comes in four different varieties, including:

  • KHX2333C9D3T1FK3/6GX : 6GB 2333MHz, CL9-11-9-27, 1.65V with fan, $543
  • KHX2333C9D3T1FK3/3GX : 3GB 2333MHz, CL9-11-9-27, 1.65V with fan, $272
  • KHX2333C9D3T1K3/3GX : 3GB 2333MHz, CL9-11-9-27, 1.65V, $252
  • KHX2250C9D3T1FK3/6GX : 6GB 2333MHz, CL9-11-9-27, 1.65V with fan, $369

"Our market-leading 2333MHz HyperX memory was created with the highest design-engineering principles and subjected to OEM-quality production and testing standards to gain Intel XMP certification," said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager, Kingston. "Overclockers who want to max out memory performance in their Core i7 systems need to look no further than Kingston’s latest offerings."

No word yet on when these kits will show up in the retail channel.

Image Credit: Kingston

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