Kingston: Solid State Drives Will Finally Supplant Hard Drives in Second Half of 2012

Paul Lilly

After peering into its crystal ball, the market psychics at Kingston firmly believe that by this time next year, you're likely to choose a solid state drive over a mechanical hard drive. NAND flash memory prices are coming down, and while it's been slow going, overall pricing for SSDs will finally reach the point where they're able to attract would-be HDD buyers.

Nathan Su, flash memory sales director at Kingston , says the average price of 1GB of NAND flash memory will probably fall to around $1, according to DigiTimes. Su readily admits that the high cost of flash has hampered SSD adoption, but he believes the transition to 19nm and more advanced manufacturing processes will prove a game changer in 2012.

Also working in SSD's favor is the shortage of HDDs caused by recent flooding in Thailand. In some cases, HDD prices have shot up three-fold since the flooding took place, and some industry insiders don't expect the market to stabilize until the end of next year.

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