Kingston Shows Off HyperX Red Limited Edition Memory, New-Look HyperX LoVo Modules

Brad Chacos

When you build a high-end rig, you want it to look good inside and out – what good is a case window if the cables inside are a cluttered mess? Kingston’s appealing to the inner PC perfectionist in all of use with its new line of HyperX Red Limited Edition Memory. Kingston went ahead and redesigned the HyperX LoVo low-voltage modules while they were busy tinkering, too.

The HyperX Red Limited Edition is exactly what you’d expect from the name: a limited edition run of red-hued HyperX memory. We have to admit, the look is striking. Both 4GB single modules ($31) and 8GB kits ($54) are available in 1333 MHz/1.5v and 1600 MHz/1.65v flavors. All of them come XMP-ready, too. Check out the product page for more info .

Meanwhile, the LoVo modules now sport a redesigned heatspreader “similar to the HyperX Genesis,” which presumably should make the low-power chips run even cooler. The 1600 MHz, 1.35v modules come in kits of two and will cost you $46 for 4GB and $58 for 8GB.

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