Kingston Releases Mobile HyperX Kit for Huron River Notebooks

Paul Lilly

Kingston has taken its popular HyperX memory line and transformed it into a high-speed SO-DIMM kit for notebooks, mini-ITX motherboards, and any other mobile platforms that use fun sized DIMMs. The dual-channel, plug and play kits zip along at 1600MHz without the need for XMP profiles and was designed specifically Intel's Huron River platform.

"Our latest HyperX SO-DIMMs are the best way to boost the system performance of notebook PCs, as well as mini-ITX motherboards and mobile-based systems, by replacing standard memory with high-speed, higher capacity modules," said Mark Tekunoff, senior technology manager, Kingston. "With the simple plug and play feature, system performance is enhanced fast and effortlessly as the memory profiles are preset to run automatically."

The new memory is available in 4GB (KHX1600C9S3K2/4G, $67) and 8GB (KHX1600C9S3K2/8G, $122) capacities, both of which are programmed to run at 1600MHz with 9-9-9-27 latencies using 1.5V.

Image Credit: Kingston

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