Kingston Releases First 128GB Flash Thumb Drive

Paul Lilly

Yesterday, the largest USB flash drives on the planet checked in at 64GB. Today, Kingston claims the capacity crown with the release of its DataTraveler 200 (DT200), the world's first 128GB USB flash drive that's twice the capacity of yesterday's biggest thumb drives.

"The new DT200's robust storage capability lets consumers store complete libraries of music, photos, and videos.," said Andrew Ewing , USB business manager at Kingston. "It is also a great tool for business users who carry around large databases or files."

Also available in 32GB and 64GB capacities, the DT200 series boasts read and write speeds of up to 20MB/s and 10MB/s, respectively. Other features include a capless design and password protection.

No word yet on availability, however pricing has been set at $120 (32GB), $213 (64GB), and $546 (128GB). Ouch!

Image Credit: Kingston

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