Kingston Kicks Out CompactFlash Ultimate 600x Card

Paul Lilly

There's a new CompactFlash card in town, Kingston's CompactFlash Ultimate 600x. With read and write speeds up to 90MB/s, it's Kingston's fastest card to date.

"The Kingston CF Ultimate 600x cards are great for photographers shooting in burst mode. For example, in a situation like a wedding or sporting event where the ability to rapidly take successive shots could make the difference between capturing the perfect shot or just missing it," said Mike Kuppinger, Flash card product manager, Kingston. "We are pleased to add the 600x card to our CompactFlash family of products which also includes the 266x Ultimate and 133x Elite Pro cards."

Kingston's shipping the new card in 16GB and 32GB capacities, both of which come with free downloadable data recovery software from MediaRECOVER.

No word on price, though a quick search online shows the CF/16GB-U3 (16GB) and CF/32GB-U3 (32GB) selling for around $110 and $185 shipped, respectively.

Image Credit: Kingston

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