Kingston HyperX Earns Frequency Bragging Rights in Live Overclocking Event

Paul Lilly

Setting a world record is challenge in and of itself, especially ones as vigorously sought after by overclockers (and DRAM module makers) as system memory frequency. But to set a record during a live overclocking session? That adds a new element. Even still, a Romanian overclocking team -- Lab501, as they call themselves -- set not one, but three new world records using Kingston's HyperX 2544MHz (KHX2544C9D3TIFK2/GX) dual-channel memory kit.

Matei Mihatoiu (“Matose”), Tudor Badica (“Monstru”), and Razvan Fatu (“Micutzu”) set the records during an overclocking event organized in the eMAG showroom in Bucharest, Romania, in front of about 100 overclocking enthusiasts and two local TV crews, Kingston says. The trio reached new frequency heights at three different CAS latency settings, including:

  • 3600MHz @ CL10, the world's highest memory frequency using DDR3 memory
  • 3479MHz @ CL9
  • 3275MHz @ CL8

Despite being a live event, the team wasn't totally unprepared. Kingston provided Lab501 with the record-setting memory kit a week ahead of the overclocking session so they would have some time to play around with it.

"After a few attempts and testing, I was quite confident that these modules were capable of achieving some very impressive speeds," said Matei Mihatoiu, founding member of the Lab501 team.

It's almost always the case that overclocking records rely on a steady supply of LN2, and this was no exception. In order to set three new records, Lab501 used LN2 to cool the modules down to a chilly -196C.

Image Credit: Kingston

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