Kingston HyperX 1600MHz Kit Now Available with T1 High-Profile Heatspreaders


More and more memory kits are starting to ship with high-profile heatspreaders, and the latest modules to receive Kingston's T1 makeover is the tri-channel HyperX 1600MHz 6GB kit.

"The 1600MHz frequency is a sweet spot amongst gamers, and combining it with the popular T1 heatspreaders gives enthusiasts a performance advantage through improved heat diffusion while overclocking and gaming," Kingston wrote in a press release.

Kingston says its revised 6GB kit -- part number KHX12800D3T1K3/6GX -- is available now for $155 MSRP. Other HyperX kits sporting "heavy-duty" aluminum T1 heatspreaders include the triple-channel DDR3-2000MHz and DDR3-1866MHz kits, and dual-channel DDR2-1066MHz and DDR2-800MHz kits.

Image Credit: Kingston

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