Kingston Announces New SSDs with TRIM Support

Ryan Whitwam

Kingston is refreshing their line of solid state drives with the SSDNow V+. The big advantage users will see in this generation of Kingston drives is support for TRIM. This should keep these pricey drives humming along smoothly throughout their life. The new drives also come in larger sizes, all the way from 64GB up to 512GB. The SSDNow V+ will be capable of 230MB/s read and 180MB/s write.

Kingston is offering a few options for interested customers. The bare OEM drive can be purchased, or for a few extra bucks there will be a bundle that comes with cloning software, a USB enclosure, cabling, and 2.5” to 3.5” mounting brackets. Pricing starts at $268 for the 64GB bare drive, and goes up to a dream shattering $1,969 for the 512GB. Tack on an extra $16 if you want the bundle, and really… at that point why be cheap?

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