Kingston 16Gb Flash Drives are Middle of the Road.


Kingston has released the DataTraveler 100 at 16Gb with a price tag of around $85 at the high end ($59.99 at the egg, but it’s out of stock). This is their sleek model without the bells and whistles. It offers a small form factor, a retractable USB connector and base black.

If you want to upscale your flash, the DataTraveler 400 should fit the bill.  It goes for around $196 at the high end ($131.99 at the egg). For the extra cash you get faster data transfer speeds, MigoSync for synchronization of file, email and internet browser setting, and SecureTraveler for password protection

It seems the Kingston name commands a premium, given the price of similar drives that these are competing with.

I have yet to fill up (or lose) my 4Gb drive.

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