Kingmax Parades Naked Overclocking RAM Clocked at 2200MHz

Paul Lilly

A quick glance at Kingmax's memory lineup quickly reveals that the company likes to kick it old school with 'naked' RAM modules. Even Kingmax's new high performance Nano Gaming RAM for gamers and overclockers abstain from using heatspreaders and bare all while running around in quad-channel configurations at DDR3-2200MHz.

Kingmax says it cherry picks only the highest quality ICs to ensure 100 percent compatibility and Intel XMP compliance for auto overclocking. What's more, Kingmax applies its proprietary TinyBGATM packaging technology to produce smaller sized chips that consume less power, have less electrical interference, cool down faster, and feature various other advantages, the company says.

The new memory line is available in DDR3 1333MHz (CL9, 10.6GB/s bandwidth), 1600 (CL9, 12.8GB/s), 2000MHz (CL9, 16GB/s), and 2200 (CL10, 17.6GB/s). No word on price or availability.

Image Credit: Kingmax

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