Kinect Far From Dead, Insists Xbox Marketing Honcho



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This is called being schooled in a free market. When allowed, people will not buy crap that they do not want.



It's just a gimmick that they tried to force people to buy.



I am curious to see what potential PC uses the kinect could have but I probally still wouldn't buy one. It would be like buying a more expensive web camera.



Oh well those fake ghost hunters use one on that show Ghost Adventures. I think the last time I watched that show was the most I have laughed in a year.



And just as expected the NSA tinfoil hat conspiracy crowd shows up.



As Wikileaks has already proven you wrong on that one.

Add to that, the following media outlets...

1. Der Spiegel
2. The Guardian
3. The New York Times

...And to think how many fatal misses the NSA has had.

1. 9/11, all four times, even though eleven of the terrorist were in the country many months ahead of time.
2. Boston, because there's nothing quite like placing a large city on martial law lockdown
3. Times Square incident, ironically caught by a passerby
4. The current Iraq status.
5. Benghazi
6. London bus bombing.
7. The first WTC incident.

Want two dozen (plus) more??

So that's the NSA that spends taxpayer money literally spying and building extensive files on each and every adult american (even using devices such as Xbox Kinect) while somehow almost letting terrorist get away with all kinds of goodies.



Wow you need some new meds.



There's Nothing tinfoil hat about what he said, it's quite factual with everything we know today.



As if he'd say anything differently - "Oh yeah, that POS is dead in the water"



I can finally buy an X-BOX ONE without the NSA spyware device (Kinect) I would have to pay for.



Once again, Microsoft f****ed up. They should've left the Kinect and just lowered the price to what it is now. Then, the customer with the Xbox One would be getting a better deal than the PlayStation 4 customer out the gate.
I really hate to see the prices they charge for their smartphones, once they are using the Microsoft name.
Bill Gates, really need's to talk some sense into Satlya about Microsoft's pricing and ripping off it's loyal customer's on everything they sell. That's why the Surface hasn't gone anywhere. It's too expensive for most people.Just like, who want's to pay over $300.00 for a smartphone ? Actually that's even high priced to me. It's not like you're gonna do any serious web browsing on a 4" - 6"screen. If you say you are. I'd have to call you a liar. Most people at least have a laptop and alot of us Maximum PCer's have desktop pc's, too.



how many people use webcams anymore? thats all the kinect is. not only that, the microphone on kinects are awful, they are disruptive and pick up background noise. and the farther you are away from a microphone, the harder it is to understand what someone is saying. even worse, microsoft wanted to not bundle microphones anymore. <-- horrible move since privacy is important.