Kinect Hack Makes Super Mario Even Harder Than You Remember

Justin Kerr

Kinect hacks seem to be showing up all over the place, but lets face it, using it to control Super Mario pretty much tops the list of what everyone was waiting for right? The proof of concept video which can be found after the jump is an impressive demonstration, even though it looks nearly impossible to accurately control.

The short clip makes for an interesting conversation piece, but after watching it you really have to wonder if Kinect is the gaming controller panacea Microsoft makes it out to be. The launch titles seem to cover off all the most basic mechanics that come to mind, dancing, sports, driving, etc, but is it really useful for anything else? After all, sometimes it really seems like the games are just playing themselves anyway .

I think most Maximum PC readers would agree that it has serious potential as a UI input method, but would anyone really rather play Mario this way? Let us know what you think after the jump.

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