Kinect for Windows SDK v1.0 Now Available

Paul Lilly

Get ready to wave at your PC and welcome the motion control revolution on the desktop, Microsoft just made available the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) version 1.0 for download. After shedding its beta tag, the Kinect for Windows SDK now supports up to four Kinect sensors on a single computer, skeletal tracking, a Near Mode feature that lets the camera recognize objects just 40cm away, improved stability and audio, and API updates and enhancements.

Motion controlled game play is one obvious application for using a Kinect with a PC, but there's so much more that's possible, some of which we've already glimpsed through various hacks. With the release of the official SDK, developers have a chance at getting creative and coming up with some unique uses, if they decide to run with it.

Hardware requirements consist of a dual-core 2.66GHz or faster processor, 2GB of RAM, dedicated USB 2.0 bus, and Windows 7 or Windows Embedded Standard 7.

The Kinect for Windows SDK is a 226.8MB download available here .

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