Kindle Update Bringing Useful Improvements, Also Twitter

Ryan Whitwam

Amazon is preparing to rollout the 2.5 update for their successful Kindle ereader. Some of the new features seem like nice feature additions. The update has added the ability to password protect the devices lock screen. There is also enhanced support for PDF viewing that includes the ability to pan and zoom on the documents. Amazon is including the ability to organize the Kindle  Library in "Collections" as well. That should definitely help cut down on the clutter. User's will also have the option of two new larger fonts.

Those are just the useful additions. Amazon is adding a new feature called "Popular Highlights" with a social slant. The service will let you share passages of a book on Twitter or Facebook. The idea is that you'd be able to see what bits of a book others find interesting as you're reading it. Seems like an interesting, if possibly distracting idea. Just be responsible people, and don't share the ending.

The update is set to come out via an over the air update later in May. Some lucky Kindle owners have gotten it early, however. Any Kindle users out there that are looking forward to this update?

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