Kindle Book Lending Goes Live

Ryan Whitwam

With a complete lack of fanfare, Amazon has thrown the switch allowing users to loan Kindle books as promised. The feature works much the same as the loaning implementation on the Nook. Users can loan a book to one user for two weeks. Loans are apparently limited to a single session, and the original user cannot access the title in that time.

These are certainly onerous rules, but many publishers aren't even allowing loans. Early reports indicate that several big publishing houses have loans turned off. These include Avon, Hachette, Harlequin and Penguin. More titles could become available over time as publishers wise up, or authors grant the necessary rights.

Users can loan a book by logging into their Amazon account and checking their purchased books. Loaned books will be readable in any of the Kindle apps or the web client. Loans cannot be initiated from the apps as of yet, but we expect Amazon to add that ability soon. Despite the restrictions, will you take advantage of this feature?

Image via Electronista

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