Kill In-text Pop-ups


Recently, a lot of websites have started to put little pop-up advertisements in their text. I read with my mouse, so as I follow along with my pointer I hit a word like “Film” and it pops up with a little box about local theaters. It interrupts what I am reading and is really annoying. Is there a way to turn this off? I know it’s an advertisement and a source of income but I get enough of that when I have to sit through a commercial to watch a movie trailer or get an ad page in between going to a new web page. I use Chrome as my main browser, and Firefox and IE when I have to.

—Gary Davidson

Gary, some of these “in-text advertisements” let you opt out via a cookie, but they have a tendency to reappear as soon as you delete your cookies. If you don’t mind re-opting out every so often, click the little question mark (or “help”) option in the pop-up. That will send you to a website; click the Disable tab and hit “Click here to disable.” You won’t see any more of these ads until you delete your cookies.

Barring services that block all ads (such as AdBlock, which works on both Chrome and IE, but which we can’t recommend because, well, we rely on advertisements to keep our website afloat), the easiest way to disable text ads in Chrome is to use the Disable Text Ads extension for Chrome. (The Doc knew there was a reason he liked this browser.) It does exactly what it says it does, and you can get it here .

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