Kid Friendly Media Center Costs $5,000

Paul Lilly

Kaleidescape is pitching its latest out-of-the-box DVD movie server, the Cinema One, as a family friendly device that even young children can operate, even if they can't afford the $4,995 price tag with their allowance.

"The Cinema One is the perfect system for families because DVDs offer the broadest selection of children's content," said Leonard Bellezza, President of Lyric HiFi & Video. "With the Child Remote, even a toddler can find his own programs, and when he presses play, it starts instantly without trailers, advertisements, and menus."

Kaleidescape describes the Cinema One as a single component movie server with the storage capacity to hold 225 DVDs or 2,500 CDs. It takes about 25 minutes to import a standard DVD, and about 8 minutes to import a CD. Connectivity options include HDMI, Component, S-Video, and Composite. Other features include IR input, 1080p playback, Ethernet port, Dolby Digital audio, and support for a variety of optical media.

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Image Credit: Kaleidescape

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