Kensington Brings Back the Trackball and Cuts the Cord

Paul Lilly

In all reality, the trackball never left, it just plummeted from relevance for most users, and certainly in the mainstream. Undeterred by the market's move towards laser sensors, Kensington announced a new wireless mobile trackball along with an update to its free TrackballWorks software. The Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball is primarily intended for laptop users and mobile professionals on the go.

"Over the course of our twenty years producing innovative trackballs, we've developed a very loyal and dedicated user community, to whom we paid special attention as we created this product," said Dan Torres , Senior Director of Global Product Management at Kensington. "Many professionals are not always working in a traditional office setting, so our customers need a trackball to be as mobile and agile as they are. We are delighted to offer a new wireless mobile trackball that has been defined and refined by its users, built from the ground up to get the job done wherever work calls."

The Orbit mouse utilizes an ambidextrous centered-ball design that Kingsington claims offers more precision and comfort than conventional ball-under-the-thumb structured trackballs. You can snap the ball in and out of the mouse to clean off the finger grease and blast away those potato chip crumbs, and then jam the 2.4GHz nano receiver into the body when it's time to pack up and head out.

Kensingston's TrackballWorks Software 1.1 update is actually a beta build that adds inertial scrolling (momentum scrolling), paste templates, integration with the Control Panel and Devices and Printers, and other features.

The Orbit Wireless Mobile Trackball is available now for $60. Alternately, you can try to scavenge a Zenith Z-Lite system with a smoking fast 25MHz 486SL processor and removable trackball.

Image Credit: Kensington

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