KDE's "Caikaku" Software Offers Social Network Apps for Netbooks

Maximum PC Staff

KDE has announced the “immediate availability” of KDE Software Compilation 4.4 , dubbed “Caikaku”. According to KDE, version 4.4 fixes 7,293 bus and adds 1,433 new features. Probably the biggest new feature is the Plasma Workspace, designed especially for netbook users.

The Plasma Workspace, an alternative to the Plasma Desktop, is “specifically designed for ergonomic use on netbooks and smaller notebooks.” It allows better use of the smaller space available on netbooks, and will be more suitable for touchscreen input. The Plasma Netbook shell has a full-screen application launcher, search interface, and a Newspaper for widgets to display content from the web and small utilities.

There’s also a Social Desktop feature which updates the Community widget. Says KDE: “The new Social News widget shows a livestream of what is going on in the social network of the user and the new Knowledge Base widget allows users to search for answers and questions from different providers including openDesktop.org's own knowledge base.”

A goodly list of other improvements will be found at KDE's web site , along with links for downloading the new version.

Image Credit: KDE

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