Kapersky Quits Business Software Alliance Over SOPA Stance

Brad Chacos

The proposed SOPA legislation sucks; there’s no two ways around it. Unfortunately, despite the fact that SOPA could break the Internets, many of the top business organizations around still support the ridiculous act. To show their displeasure, some of the big tech companies that are members of these organizations are taking their proverbial balls and going home. We’ve already reported that Google may quit the U.S. Chamber of Commerce due to the Chamber’s staunch SOPA support , and now Kapersky has announced that it is leaving the Business Software Alliance for the very same reason.

The BSA toned down its pro-SOPA rhetoric recently – even going so far as to releasing a blog post outlining a few concerns with the act – after members of the group, which includes Apple, Dell, Intel and Microsoft, said that they didn’t approve of the legislation. The group still supports the legislation, however, and TorrentFreak reports that because of that, Kapersky will be leaving the BSA on January 1st, 2012. CEO Eugene Kapersky confirmed the news via Twitter .

“Kaspersky has not participated in drafting the bill, nor participated in the debate on SOPA, and does not support this initiative,” TorrentFreak quotes a Kapersky statement as saying. “We believe that such measures will be used contrary to the modern advances in technology and the needs of consumers.”

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