Justin Timberlake Throws Cash at Augmented Reality

Paul Lilly

Justin Timberlake, who ironically played the part of Napster founder Sean Parker in the docudrama "The Social Network," has plenty of money to throw at investment opportunities in hopes that one will stick. The most high profile of his investments is his taking an ownership stake in MySpace (hence the irony), the fleding social network that recently sold for a mere $35 million. He also was involved with funding Stipple back in November, a San Francisco startup that lets users label and share photos online, and now he's going after an augmented reality company.

Citing "a single source directly involved" in the deal, Business Insider reports Timberlake is investing in Dekko, a "super stealth startup" based out of San Francisco whose goal is to "visually merge the digital and real worlds" through augmented reality.

"Dekko is pulling back the curtain that separates the online world from the real world," Dekko's homepage reads . "No longer will we need to rely on text, icons, lists, or maps to experience what is right in front of us. We will see and interact with characters from parallel universes walking amongst us. We believe that mobile, social, and local services should not only bring you real benefit, but should also be fun. We believe that the more visually engaging a medium is, the more it will supersede prior mediums."

Other than a few more lines of rhetoric and a job posting , Dekko's site doesn't reveal a whole lot about the startup or exactly what it has planned.

Dekko co-founder Matt Miesnieks declined to comment on Timberlake's involvement, telling Business Insider that his company is in "stealth mode."

Image Credit: desivalley.com

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