Just What Is Nvidia Teasing Us With?

Brad Chacos

It's coming. Or at least Nvidia tells us it's coming. What the heck is "it?" We're not really sure. Nvidia posted those two ominous words on its Facebook page yesterday, underneath a close-up of the black Nvidia logo on what looked to be a graphics card cooler shroud. How mysterious! One source says it knows what the vague announcement portends, however.

Swedish overclocking site SweClockers.com (as translated and explained by VideoCardz.com ) says that "independent sources" claim that "it" is the GeForce GTX 690, the long-rumored video card that theoretically sports two, count 'em, two of the GK104 Kepler GPUs found in the GTX 680, 4GB of GDDR5 memory, 3072 CUDA cores and a pair of 8-pin connectors. That, kiddies, would be one heck of a polygon-pumping beast.

SweClockers says that the announcement of the new card will coincide with the launch of Intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs, which are (also theoretically) launching next week -- likely on Monday. Assuming the various rumors are true, expect to spend a whoooooooole lot of money to nab a GTX 690 when it launches. Others think we could be looking at the launch of the GTX 670; some say it could be the more powerful GK110-based GTX 685, but that seems highly unlikely.

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