Juniper Intros Revamped Data Center Architecture

Paul Lilly

Juniper, a multinational company specializing in information technology and computer networking products, has unveiled new software, services, systems, and partnerships the company claims will help enterprise IT "dramatically" cut back on costs and reduce data center complexity.

"Today's announcements overcome the 'old network' approach to adding more boxes to boost performance, which adds cost and complexity to the data center," Juniper said. "Alternatively, optimizing for economics has typically required sacrificing speed, scalability and other performance needs. Juniper has now created a "new network" alternative for customers by delivering a cloud-ready data center architecture that eliminates trade-offs between experience and economics."

Part of the announcement includes new switches and routers that Juniper says will yield up to a five-fold and eight-fold improvement in performance, respectively. The other part involves new capabilities, including a new network application platform and Juniper Care Plus services portfolio.

"It's time for a fundamental change in the data center — one that opens up the network, makes it much easier to manage, and delivers the right experiences without sacrificing economics," said Kevin Johnson, CEO of Juniper Networks.

Full release here .

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