Judge Sets November Deadline for Google Books Deal

Paul Lilly

A New York judge has set a November deadline for the submission of a new settlement between Google and a group of authors and publishers, the latter of which sued Google over its attempt to obtain digital rights to millions of books.

The original settlement between the parties was met with major scrutiny from authors, libraries, and privacy advocates who all claimed that the deal was unfair, prompting the U.S. Department of Justice to step in. A hearing on whether to approve proposed settlement was to take place on Wednesday, but was postponed when the two sides asked for more time to hash out a new deal.

Judge Deny Chin has ordered the parties to submit their revised settlement by November 9, with an approval hearing to take place sometime after. This marks the second time the settlement has been delayed since the original agreement was signed last October.

Image Credit: Flickr Joe Gratz

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