Judge Says Asus Can Keep Selling Transformer Prime Tablets Despite Hasbro's Objections

Brad Chacos

Would you rather toy around with a Transformer Prime than a new iPad? If Hasbro had it way, you wouldn't have the option. Way back in December, we reported that the toy company was dragging Asus into court , claiming that "Transformer Prime" name was too close to "Optimus Prime," "Transformers" and the "Transformers Prime" animated series for comfort. A federal judge disagrees; he tossed out Hasbro's request for a preliminary injunction (read: sales ban) against the Asus tablet.

PaidContent reported the judge's words : "There is nothing gimmicky about the Eee Pad Transformer or the Eee Pad Transformer Prime, nor can it be said that there is any similarity in the use or function between Hasbro and Asus’s products." The fact that the Eee Pad Transformer Prime can, well, transform into a notebook (using the optional keyboard dock) also helped to sway the judge's decision.

Apparently, the Transformer Prime -- despite its Tegra 3 chops -- isn't exactly tearing up the charts, either. Asus told the court that only 2,000 direct orders from customers were waiting to be filled, and "retailer fulfillment orders for the next two months total approximately 80,000 tablet computers."

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