Judge Rejects Apple Injunction Against Amazon Appstore

Ryan Whitwam

It looks like Amazon won’t have to change up all their branding at this time. A federal judge in Oakland, California has ruled that Apple cannot force Amazon to stop using “Appstore” as the name of its ‒ well, app store. According to the decision, Apple failed to show a “likelihood of confusion” would result from Amazon’s use of the term. This case isn’t over , but things are looking more grim for Apple.

Apple contends the term is a protected trademark referring to their iOS App Store. Amazon countered that the term was too generic to be trademarked. Apple was seeking this preliminary injunction to force Amazon to stop using the term immediately, effectively forcing them to re-brand. Such an action would likely have forced Amazon to find a new name and stick to it rather than confuse customers.

The judge set a trial date for October 2012. By that point, the parties may have come to an arrangement. Do you think Apple has claim to the App Store term?

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