Judge Orders IsoHunt to Remove Infringing Content

Pulkit Chandna

Another popular torrent search engine finds itself staring down the barrel. A U.S District judge has ordered IsoHunt to remove all unauthorized content. The order is not merely restricted to the removal of infringing dot-torrent files, though, but further requires that IsoHunt limit the scope of its search function to only legal content “using or based on infringement-related terms.”

However, IsoHunt owner Gary Fung believes a keyword-based filtering system will render the search engine useless.  “Filtering against keywords. It amounts to nothing less than taking down our search engine,” Fung told Wired in a telephone interview. He contends that banning certain keywords altogether would make it difficult for the search engine to display even legal content.

The court has asked IsoHunt to purge the site of all unauthorized content within 14 days of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) furnishing it with a list of all such content.

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