Judge Forbids Samsung Designer from Testifying in Apple Patent Trial

Paul Lilly

The soap opera style saga between Apple and Samsung has already seen more than its fair share of drama, from Samsung leaking disallowed evidence to the public to the revelation that Apple once considered its enemy a "strategic partner," offering to license key patents at a discounted rate. The latest episode in As the Patent World Turns involves U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh barring a Samsung designer from presenting testimony in the trial.

It sounds like a blatant bias on the surface, but Hyong Shin Park, the designer in question, didn't have a hand in building any of the Nexus devices taking center stage at the trial.

"The risk of undue prejudice to Apple outweighs the probative value of Ms. Park's testimony," Koh said, according to a Bloomberg report .

Park did, however, help design Samsung's F700 phone, which sports a somewhat similar design to the iPhone. According to Samsung, Park's design patents date back to December 2006, predating the iPhone. Like the iPhone, the F700 features rounded corners and a rectangular shape. Due to the timing of the F700, it's even been suggested by some in the media that it was Apple who copied Samsung, though evidence leading to that conclusion may not be completely accurate, Android Community notes .

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