Judge Dismisses Sony "Other OS" PS3 Class Action

Ryan Whitwam

Back in mid 2010, Sony made the decision to remove a feature from the PS3 firmware that was much beloved by the modding community. Of course we’re referring to the “Install other OS” option. Well, a cadre of angry nerds filed a class action suit shortly thereafter, but a judge has just dismissed the case once and for all.

Judge Richard Seeborg expressed sympathy for the plaintiffs, but ruled that the case lacked merit. In accordance with applicable law, he found that the distressed gamers failed to show they were legally entitled to the feature. In February of this year the same court struck down most of the case, but allowed the aggrieved party to amend the complaint. This time it’s game-over.

Users of the classic “fat” PS3 that wanted to continue running Linux on the device had to give up Blu-Ray playback and PSN access. While many found this unacceptable, it looks like Sony won’t be penalized for making them choose.

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