Jon Peddie Research: GPU Shipments Down, iPad to Blame

Paul Lilly

It was a disappointing fourth quarter for graphics chip makers as overall shipments failed to meet expectations, according to Jon Peddie Research . Year-on-year growth was "an unimpressive 4.3 percent," which JPR pegged as a major bummer considering the graphics market came blazing through the gates at the beginning of the year.

Thanks to the integrated graphics business, Intel once again led the charge by claiming a 52.5 percent market share, up 2.9 percent on year. It was a close race for second place, with AMD edging ahead of Nvidia with a 24.2 percent share compared to 22.5 share. Perhaps more importantly, AMD's market share rose 11.2 percent on year, while Nvidia slid 15.1 percent.

JPR acknowledged that the tablet market, and specifically Apple's iPad, might ultimately be the reason why graphics chip sales didn't meet expectations, noting that the iPad "has cut into low end PC sales."

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