John Mellencamp Compares Internet to an Atomic Bomb

Paul Lilly

Add rocker John Mellencamp's name to the list of outspoken musicians who just don't get this whole Internet thing and how it can help the music industry. Here's what happens when you start drinking the RIAA Kool-Aid:

"I think the Internet is the most dangerous thing invented since the atomic bomb," Mellencamp said . "It's destroyed the music business. It's going to destroy the movie business."

Read it again if you like, but we assure you it doesn't get any easier to swallow. Mellencamp, who is also a political activist, likened the Internet to the A-bomb.

His comments came during a public seminar at the Grammy Museum and coincide with his new album, "No Better Than This." The 58-year-old musician went on to complain about the quality of MP3 files, and said of listening to a Beatles song on his iPod compared to a newly remastered CD, "you could barely even recognize it as the same song. You could tell it was those guys singing, but the warmth and quality of what the artist intended for us to hear was so vastly different."

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