John Carmack Talks Potential Quake Reboot, Hopes for Something Closer to Quake 1

Maximum PC Staff

Time for a quick test. We say “Quake 1,” you say... multiplayer classic? Rocket jumping? Can now run on a $100 netbook? Ok, next up, “Quake 4.” Huh? Yes, there was a Quake 4. No, no, it was still a videogame. Look, a video ! And now you appear to be... presenting us with a box of live crickets and an authentic tumbleweed. We accept your offering of excessive nonchalance. Your reward: John Carmack totally speaking your language. Well, figuratively, anyway. He can only use crickets and tumbleweeds to ask where the bathroom is.

"We went from the Quake 2 and the Quake 4 Strogg universe. We are at least tossing around the possibilities of going back to the bizarre, mixed up Cthulhu-ish Quake 1 world and rebooting that direction,” id Software mega-brain John Carmack told Eurogamer .

"We think that would be a more interesting direction than doing more Strogg stuff after Quake 4. We certainly have strong factions internally that want to go do this.”

He added, however, that "nothing is scheduled here, people are not building this.” Which makes sense, seeing as id's currently going full-steam ahead on two BFG-sized blockbusters: RAGE and Doom 4. RAGE, however, is within spitting distance of its October 4 finish line, so id will have more than a few people free to pursue a new project before too much longer.

If Carmack and co take the reigns on Quake 5, it'll be the first id-developed game in the series since 1999's Quake III: Arena. We'd be lying, though, if we said we weren't a bit disappointed. After all, we figured Carmack's actual space adventures would be supplying the series' gore-spattered storylines by now. Oh well. Based on Carmack's Twitter feed , they'd probably be too intense for our weak, atmosphere-bound hearts anyway.

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