Jobs Throws Jabs at Adobe Flash


One of the bigger complaints with Apple's recently announced (and long hyped) iPad is that it doesn't support Flash, which some feel renders the $500+ tablet little more than a fashionable paperweight. That's not such a bad thing in Jobs' eyes, at least according to a report in Valleywag in which the feud between Apple and Adobe took a turn for the bitter .

As the story goes, Jobs shot down Adobe's Flash as little more than "a CPU hog" riddled with "security holes" and "old technology," so why bother including it in the iPad?

His alleged comments echo a similar sentiment shared during a shareholder meeting two years ago when Jobs explained why Flash wouldn't be integrated into the iPhone, saying the PC Flash version "performs too slow to be useful" and that Flash Lite "is not capable of being used with the Web."

Anyone think Apple and Adobe will eventually kiss and make up?

Image Credit: Wired

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