Job Seeking College Grads Value Facebook More than Money, Study Says

Paul Lilly

Sure, money makes the world go round, but if you're fresh out of college and looking for a job, you're more interested in being able to access your Facebook account or post to Google+ during work hours, or so that's the word from a new survey (PDF) . Cisco pinged 2,800 college students and young professionals to find out how they feel about social media and the Internet in general, and it turns out they feel pretty strongly about both.

According to Cisco, one in three survey respondents "consider the Internet to be as important as air, water, food, and shelter." That sounds insane and probably a little manipulated to come to that conclusion, but as far as social media is concerned, the survey is a real eye opener.

Two third of college students make it a point to ask about social media policies during job interviews, and over half -- 56 percent -- say they will either reject a job that bans Facebook and other social sites, or find ways to circumvent the policy.

That isn't real surprising, but would you have guessed that students and young professionals are equally split on whether they'd rather lose their wallet/purse or a smartphone/mobile device? And as far as jobs go, over 40 percent say they're willing to accept a lower paying job that has more flexibility with regard to device choice, social media access, and mobility than a higher paying one that's restrictive in any of these areas.

"The majority of college students and young professionals value social media access, device freedom, and a mobile work style as much or more than money," Cisco concluded.

Cisco Infographic

Image Credit: Cisco

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