Job Candidate Accuses Google of Discriminating Against Overweight Applicants

Paul Lilly

A woman living in New York City suspects she was denied a job offer at Google because of her weight, a conclusion she reached after taking a test for an administration position, reports . The woman passed a phone interview and was asked to come in and take a test. After doing so, her and six other heavyset applicants out of a pool of 20 were thanked for their time and shown the door.

It was during the phone interview that the unnamed woman said she got the impression Google wanted to see "that you're active in your life, that you do stuff outside of work, and that you're well-rounded." She said the test contained LSAT-style logic questions with a heavy emphasis on fitness, including running and personal training.

When "one of the heavier girls" asked Google when they would receive their test scores, she claims the search giant "got a little cagey and said it's not so much about your score; we consider the overall person." At the end of the day, after seven of the applicants were escorted out, "there was not one fat person left in the pool." In the elevator on the way out, "one girl had tears in her eyes and that's when I realized, [the HR official] separated out the fatties."

In response to the story, Google maintains that it doesn't discriminate in its hiring process.

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