Jimmy Kimmel's iPhone 5 Prank is Hilariously Depressing

Paul Lilly

Imagine, if you will, a world in which blind loyalty trumps common sense and critical thinking, where the power of marketing and the corporate hype machine are so strong that reasonably intelligent consumers are reduced to social status seeking nitwits on a late night television talk show. Sadly, you don't have to imagine such a place. It already exists, as Jimmy Kimmel proved when his camera crew took to the streets of Los Angeles and handed people an iPhone 4S, and then asking them what they thought of the new iPhone 5 they where holding.

"Oh, it's way better...that's definitely noticeably better," the first test subject exclaims, who said he owns the iPhone 4S.

Most agreed that the iPhone 4S, masquerading as an iPhone 5, felt "a lot faster" and lighter than the iPhone 4S, save for a Hulk Hogan lookalike, who said it felt heavier (he also said the colors are brighter).

"Oh my God, it feels a lot lighter and just more, um, just a lot higher quality," a man says, as he holds the fake iPhone 5 in one hand and his own iPhone 4S in another.

Grab a box of tissues so you can weep for society and check out the minute-and-a-half viral clip below.

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