Jeff Gordon's Pepsi Max Test Drive Prank Fools the Internet

Paul Lilly

Watch the viral video that caused a stir on the Internet.

Pepsi conspired with professional NASCAR racer Jeff Gordon to film a new ad featuring him taking a Chevy Camaro for a test ride, but with a twist. In the ad, Gordon dons a disguise so that he's hardly recognizable as a celebrity. He walks into the dealership acting like a timid middle-aged man who's perhaps in over his head trying to handle car with the get-up-and-go of a V8 Camaro. Hilarity ensues as he takes the seemingly unsuspecting car salesman for the ride of his life.

The video is of course staged, much to the chagrin of John C. Dvorak, who ripped the stunt to shreds in an angry tirade. As one of the article's readers commented, "Why so serious John?" Indeed, the video that went viral (it currently has over 7 million views on YouTube) is a clever ad riding the so-called reality TV wave that's become so popular, except the sub 4-minute video is arguably much more entertaining.

In case there's any doubt about the video, ABC News spoke with a Pepsi spokesperson who refused to say whether the salesman is an actor (a solid indication that he is), but added his reactions are "100 percent genuine." Unlike Dvorak, however, many on the Internet -- including ones who were fooled -- don't really care it's a fake.

"If you need a laugh, this new Jeff Gordon/Pepsi Max spot may do the trick. Now, that's a test drive!," a Twitter user posted .

Enough rhetoric, here's the video:

By the way, this isn't Pepsi's first foray into the land of makeup and staged pranks. Kyrie Irving, NBA star for the Cleveland Cavaliers, was given a makeover to look like a senior citizen before hitting the blacktop for a pick-up game in New Jersey. That video has over 20 million hits.

Getting back to the Test Drive video, the Los Angeles Times reports it was produced by Gifted You, which is owned by Will Ferrell's Funny or Die company. Well done to all involved.

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