JavaScript Performance in Android 2.2 Beats iOS4 by a Mile

Ryan Whitwam

Google began rolling out Android 2.2 "Froyo" to customers last week, and users are seeing a big speed boost in the web browser. The combination of the new just-in-time (JIT) compiler and V8 JavaScript engine give Google's mobile browser the title as the fastest you can get .

This estimation is based on benchmarks of JavaScript rendering. There is more to the speed and usability of a browser than raw JavaScript performance, but much of the work loading a page can be chewing through JavaScript. Overall, Android 2.2 is about three times faster than the previous 2.1 browser. When compared to iOS4, Android managed twice the performance in the SunSpider benchmark, and three times faster for the V8 bench.

It's good to see Apple get some real competition in this space. For a long time Mobile Safari was out in front of the pack. We hope to see both companies continue to push the envelope to deliver a better mobile browsing experience.

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