Jason Dumbaugh's Spider-Man/Venom Mod

Nathan Edwards

While the latest Spider-Man film was met with mixed reviews, Jason Dumbaugh’s Spider-Man/Venom mod is a must-see blockbuster. Sporting a multitude of spiders—both inside and out—as well as a tangle of webs and ooze, this rig captures the feel of the film.

Jason, who wrote a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this mod at Techwarelabs.com , built the case for his roommate, a Spider-Man superfan. He explained that apart from a few minor missteps, the process was pretty straightforward. Great job, Jason, we’ll be watching for your Iron Man mod in the summer of ’08!

After wiring up and epoxying 26 LEDs, Jason realized that in such a configuration, each light would need its own resistor. The final design features five lights.

Jason first created a stencil in Photoshop and then cut the spider image out of a piece of 26-gauge zinc sheet metal.

By applying eight layers of clear coat after affixing the webbing and ooze, Jason ensured this rig could take some abuse but continue to shine.

The spider motif carries over into the interior of the rig, which also sports a red LED fan.

For his winning entry, Jason wins a $500 gift certificate for Buy.com to fund his modding madness! See all the hardware deals at www.buy.com.

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