Japanese Researchers Creating Five-Fingered Computer Controller

Brad Chacos

Think of the all the things you can accomplish with the basic two-fingered mouse set-up. Using only one left-click and one right-click button, you can transfer money to a prince in Nigeria, pay all of your bills for a month, or save the world from Diablo, the Lord of Terror. Now imagine what you could do with five little touch-sensitive mice, each connected to a separate finger. Sound weird and crazy? It is. But that's not stopping Japan's Double Research & Development Co. from developing the wacky device.

Dubbed the "Amenbo," users rest their palm on a central pad, then place each of their five fingers on separate mouse sensors. According to DigInfo , the device tracks both pressure and positional relationship for the five sensors, delivering a theoretical level of control that blows our bite-sized minds.

We're not really sure what you'd need that level of control for, but the article name drops the Kinect and CAD tools. Sure, gaming and drafting might see improvements if the Amenbo ever hits the market, but we'd put our money on the biggest Amenbo-related breakthroughs to come from the porn industry. This is the Internet after all.

Image credit: DigInfo

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