Japanese Firm's Robocop Shoots Nets, Chases Criminals at 6mph

Maximum PC Staff

The Japanese are known for a lot of things: tremendously cruel game shows, an insane passion for Hello Kitty, and drunken karaoke. But now, adding to that extremely distinguished list, is their very own robocop .

The new robocop, codenamed T-34, has recently been unveiled by Tmusk Co. and Alacom Co. for use by police agencies and larger companies that need better nighttime surveillance. The T-34 can move at a blazing 6 MPH and will be controlled by a security guard on a remote control or a cell phone interface designed by the firms. Real time images of what the robot sees will be transmitted to the operator, even on their cell phone.

The robot’s means of taking out would-be intruders consists of throwing a net at them to subdue them. The robot’s extremely quiet nature makes it good for sneaking up on crooks.

Currently, no plans exist to bring the T-34 to the U.S.

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