James Bond Never Wore Wi-Fi Enabled Cufflinks, But You Can

Paul Lilly

James Bond is a badass because he's always prepared for whatever situation arises. The guy's had gadgets for everything, from exploding keychains to to a stun-gun cigarette, along with just about anything you can imagine. That is, unless you imagine USB cufflinks that double as a Wi-Fi hotspot dongle in a pinch. Unlike most of James Bonds' gadgets, Wi-Fi cufflinks actually exist.

Kudos to our friends at Engadget for turning us on to these things. Playing the part of Q, Brookstone has available polished silver oval Wi-Fi and 2GB USB combination cufflinks that allow you keep data on your person and remedy a bad router in a pinch. Just plug one of your cufflinks into a PC wired directly to the modem and you have an instant high-speed hotspot to work with.

Unfortunately, these things run $250, which borders on the ridiculous, especially since they don't triple as an explosive device. Ah well, file this one under 'cool, but not worth price.'

Image Credit: Brookstone

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